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The Aftermath

In the wake of illness and fatigue, the vacation laundry still needs to be done. I spent the last two days sleeping during nap time, but today, the cleaning beckoned. We had clothes strewn about every corner of the house because my children had gotten into our duffle bags, under the guise of “helping.” They had art supplies everywhere. Not to mention the dishes that needed to be cleaned and meals cooked.

I wish I had someone who could unpack all of my bags, wash all of my clothes, and put my entire house back in order. Guess what those magical beings are called? Moms! So unfortunately, I’m the one tasked with the job. Yev will help a little bit, but, let’s be honest ladies, no one puts the house back together quite like mom. So I’ll probably spend the rest of the week catching up, although I made a huge dent today.

I’m still recovering, so I’m taking it easy. But I feel tremendously better now that my home is somewhat organized. I felt like I was buzzing around in my head without being able to land anywhere safe. Now I feel as if I can finally rest. 

I’ve found that my house is an outward representation of my inward experience. And sometimes when I can’t quiet my mind, I simply need to clean. Not only does the organization bring peace, but the act helps me process my feelings and emotions. 

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re overwhelmed is to take a break, and other times, you put on some tunes and attack your house with Clorox wipes. 

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