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Embrace the Chaos

Yev and I have been trying to have the kids help us with more things. Not because it is in anyway helpful… yet. I’m sure we’ll get to a stage where them cracking and beating eggs for breakfast will be immensely helpful; however, right now, it takes longer, extends cooking times, and ensures more to clean up. It also promises a fantastic toddler experience.

For the past couple of days, the girls have helped me cook breakfast, even though I never feel like we have enough time in the morning. And it can be infinitely more stressful, if you don’t have the right mindset. My only goal is that we have fun and hopefully get something somewhat edible out of it. Emphasis being on the fun.

The girls have absolutely LOVED dragging their chairs over to the counter to help me cook and pack their lunches for preschool. There is far more laughter in our house than tantrums, and I’ve had the honor of watching them blossom under the added responsibility. The girls grew up a ton when baby V was born. Being a big sister isn’t an easy task. And now that they have to be careful while we cook, I’ve noticed increased awareness and dexterity.

We also tried doing laundry together, and it went waaaay better than last time. One of my girls sat for 20 minutes trying to put a shirt on a hanger, with a giant smile on her face the entire time. The other two danced and crawled around, while mama actually got two baskets of clothes folded!

If you feel ready, take the leap, embrace the chaos, and let your kids try and help. It’s allowed for some incredible skill building and family bonding. All it took was patience and a ton of wet wipes. 

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