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Pregnancy Self-Care

Bye Bye Bread

What is your reaction to the picture attached to this article? I can smell the fresh boule coming out of the oven, begging to be slathered with butter. I can feel its flaky crust and soft center as I begin to tear off a piece. The heat burns my fingers…


Super Mom

Every Saturday morning I meet my dad for yoga and breakfast. He’s very busy during the week, and Saturday morning has become our family time. My brother often joins us for breakfast, but first, we do yoga. We take an early morning class, to which we must arrive 15 minutes…


Baby V is Here!

So far, I’ve only had the chance to introduce my older daughters, L & R. Baby V joined the clan in December at 10:16 in the morning, weighing 8lbs 3oz and measuring 21 inches long. Now, as you’ll soon find out, I am not usually the kind of mom to…


Pregnancy Round 2

I found out I was pregnant the day before my husband’s 30th birthday, March 31st. We’d been trying for a few months; each month’s period bringing a depressing reminder that most people can’t have unprotected sex just once and get pregnant with twins. It was really odd for me to…



As I’ve mentioned in Digestive Issues, I have a blood-injection-injury phobia. I’ve been in therapy, done hypnosis for it, and it alleviated much of the problem; however, with two breech babies inside me, I had a scheduled c-section. This meant my doc and I had to have a real talk.…



Let’s talk pain. I was not in particularly great shape before becoming pregnant, but I definitely wasn’t in terrible shape either. I would walk outside for about 45 mins before work, a few days a week. I had been working with a nutritionist to develop a healthier body image and…


Food Aversions

I feel most women don’t talk about food aversions enough. Everyone just seems to talk about cravings. The number one question I was always asked was, “So what are you craving??” And to be honest, I had a super boring answer, “Fruit.” People want to hear about the pickles-and-ice-cream cravings,…


Digestive Issues

Ok. Let’s talk about all those wonderful digestive issues that accompany pregnancy. The first one that plagued me was nausea. I started getting nauseous at 4 weeks. And I thought, no big deal. This isn’t bad at all. I can do this. Well, by week 6, digestive issue #2 came…