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Yevgeniy Pinchuk

A happily married father of three with a degree in Psychology. Passionate about learning, writing, and exploring.

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It goes SHHHH

Support networks are an important part of success for many people, especially parents. Spending time with other parents can provide a safe place to vent, decompress, and brainstorm approaches to persistant issues. A group of parents can function much like a think tank: working through a problem, tapping the multitude…

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The Triad of Independence

Long before we actually had children, Jacque and I decided that as long as funds and resources permitted, we wanted a large family. The fact that we were both Psych majors meant that in our alone time we discussed various philosophical approaches to parenting. The one central theme that kept…

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How You Say It

Everyone knows the old adage about watching what you say around kids. Well I’m here to tell you to watch how you say it! A recent observation has put a whole new spin on how I interact with and around my children, as they often pick up not just what…

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Stop and Cuddle

My wife and I always knew that we wanted a big family. Even before I proposed, on more than one occasion, we would discuss just how big did we wanted it. Once engaged, we settled on three to five kids, with four or five preferred. We also wanted to have…

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Changing Gears

I often get asked the same questions by new, expecting, or prospective parents. “What is the toughest part of being a parent?” “What’s the toughest part about having twins?” Parenthood presents plenty of different challenges for everyone; they differ, as do the skill sets of each parent to deal with…

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The Importance of Self-Care

Sometimes you must approach self-care like the emergency oxygen masks on an airplane. Take care of yourself first, before you help others. Otherwise you’re no good to anyone and instead become a liability. Setting time aside to care for our physical, psychological, and/or spiritual well-being is incredibly important; even more…

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Lessons Learned

As one of the more experienced first-time dads, I felt fairly comfortable embracing the role of fatherhood. After all, I helped raise my baby brother, who’s 17 years younger, and pitched in quite a bit with helping raise my nephew. What I failed to realize was that I only knew…