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Stay at home mom of three, with a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. Looking to empower women one shared experience at a time.



As I’ve mentioned in Digestive Issues, I have a blood-injection-injury phobia. I’ve been in therapy, done hypnosis for it, and it alleviated much of the problem; however, with two breech babies inside me, I had a scheduled c-section. This meant my doc and I had to have a real talk.…



Let’s talk pain. I was not in particularly great shape before becoming pregnant, but I definitely wasn’t in terrible shape either. I would walk outside for about 45 mins before work, a few days a week. I had been working with a nutritionist to develop a healthier body image and…


Food Aversions

I feel most women don’t talk about food aversions enough. Everyone just seems to talk about cravings. The number one question I was always asked was, “So what are you craving??” And to be honest, I had a super boring answer, “Fruit.” People want to hear about the pickles-and-ice-cream cravings,…


Digestive Issues

Ok. Let’s talk about all those wonderful digestive issues that accompany pregnancy. The first one that plagued me was nausea. I started getting nauseous at 4 weeks. And I thought, no big deal. This isn’t bad at all. I can do this. Well, by week 6, digestive issue #2 came…



Let’s talk about TEETHING. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice, “Just put a little whiskey on the gums. They’ll be fine.” Well folks, it’s a lot more complicated than that. R started teething painfully around 9 months. I measure this by the inverse relationship of increased teething for baby and…


1st Time Mom

There were several things about being a first time mom that surprised me, and many of them were disappointing. First, no one talks about how SICK she was. I had always heard about morning sickness (which by the way doesn’t have to be in the morning), but I didn’t know…

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About Me

I am a mom of three young daughters: a set of toddler twins and a newborn. As much as it’s wonderful, it has challenged many (if not all) of my expectations of motherhood. I had always heard, “Becoming a mom will change you.” Now I had conceptualized this in a…