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An Open Bottle of Rosé

I haven’t been feeling great the past couple of days, and I told Yev I wanted to write my article right after dinner, while the girls watch a movie and wind down before bed. I usually get 5 hours of sleep, 6 if I’m lucky, and it’s just not enough. So I was hoping to go to bed right after the kids and get a full night’s rest.

These plans quickly evaporated when my dad popped over to grab a bottle of wine. Long story short, my mom “accidentally” opened a really nice bottle of wine from one of our friend’s wineries and used it for cooking. So I had this almost full bottle of rosé that was going to go off before I could get someone to drink it. Yev and I aren’t big drinkers, and like I said, I wasn’t feeling well.

Cut to my dad popping over after work to pick up the bottle, and we start chatting and munching on dinner leftovers. He uncorks the bottle, and I ask, “We’re drinking this aren’t we?” 

He heads towards the hutch for wineglasses, “Yep!”

And although my throat hurts more now than it did before, it was really fun. I rarely get to see my dad during the week because he’s in television and works long hours, so being able to spend time together on a Wednesday night, with the light still out, was quite a treat for us! 

It’s amazing how a mistake can turn into a moment. If my mom hadn’t opened that great bottle of wine, my dad would have never come over to pick it up, and we wouldn’t have had our time together. 

Just because something doesn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean it goes without purpose. Enjoy the spontaneous moments. There is something remarkable about unexpected joy.



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