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A New Friend

I had a mommy play date today! I’ve only had a couple of those since becoming a mom, but I have yearned for them for much longer. In my twenties, I thought motherhood was lunch dates and park meet ups, and I couldn’t wait to bond with other mommies. But motherhood is far more complicated than this idyllic picture I had in my head. And carting multiple kids around takes a special mindset that I am just now acquiring.

I had a very difficult time being mobile with the twins as babies, but it was even harder for me with toddlers and a newborn. Now that the girls listen well enough to not run into the middle of the street, I can move us around safely to desired destinations. This has been a game changer. The girls love being out, and they behave better all around when they spend time out of the house.

And I feel as if I am starting to achieve my dream of deeper, meaningful, mom relationships. I feel as if I am building my mom network one wonderful woman at a time. And today I was able to add another extraordinary mom friend to my life, someone I have known with my mind but not my heart. We shared our stories with laughter and tears, with love and heartache, and I felt it was exactly what I had been missing since becoming a mom. I had met someone like me. Someone with three kids, twin girls, and was newly stay-at-home. Someone who had experienced grief in the midst of pregnancy. Someone with whom I could share my faith.

It was a pretty special day, and I look forward to more. I am thankful for my new found freedom in mobility because I no longer feel trapped within my own home, and I have more opportunities to bolster my support network. I’m feeling pretty grateful for today and hopeful for tomorrow.

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